MagiCyte MB

MagiCyte MB is a cost-effective high-throughput automated platform with a novel assay workflow to rapidly isolate, detect and thereby facilitate further analysis of bacterial pathogens

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  • High Throughput

    Up to 96 samples per run

  • Rapid sample to result

    As fast as same day

  • Full automation

  • Compact

  • Colony Availability

    allowing further analysis and enumeration

  • User-friendly

  • Lower test cost

  • Accurate & reliable

Why MagiCyte MB?

Time to Result

Traditional culture-based methods take several days to isolate and detect colonies, making the test inadequate in such cases as perishable foods

While alternative methods such as PCR have significantly reduced the time needed to detect the presence or absence of bacteria, current technologies for bacteria confirmation, identification and characterization still require bacterial isolates such as colonies, which take days to acquire


Traditional methods are very labor intensive and require well-trained personnel — the high labor cost and low throughput makes them uncompetitive in price-sensitive food pathogen testing applications.


Traditional methods require manual steps which run the risk of cross contamination, leading to false positive results and potentially presenting risks to human health and to the environment.

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