Fight Infections. Save Lives.

Sanibit is a patented, clinically-proven system that can create a safer environment by improving hygiene compliance.

Designed For You

  • No change to workflow

    Comfortable and easy to wear. Works on both wrists. No need to pause or slow down.

  • Quality Assurance

    Advanced algorithms measure your hand rubbing duration. Green lights motivate you to meet the guidelines.

  • Real-time alerts

    A gentle vibration reminds you when you've forgotten hygiene.

  • Water resistance

    It's safe to clean your band and wash your hands.

  • Customizable Colors

    Individualize, or show off your organization's colors

  • Anti-Microbial Band

    Specially treated to be self-disinfecting.

How the Sanibit System Works

    A room in an ICU showing the Sanibit Smart Drip Tray installed under alcohol and soap dispensers outside and inside
  1. Easy Installation
  2. Sanibit Smart Drip Trays are installed with minimal facilities and IT impact. They are placed outside and inside each room next to any existing soap and alcohol dispensers, and no hardwiring is required.

  3. Opportunity Detection
  4. The Sanibit Wristband and Smart Drip Trays communicate wirelessly to determine when you are entering or exiting a room.

    An alcohol solution dispenser with a Sanibit Smart Drip Tray beneath; a hand with a Sanibit Wristband reaches for sanitizer.
  5. Hygiene Action Detection
  6. The Smart Drip Trays notify the wristband that solution has been dispensed. Then, the motion sensor in the wristband tracks the hand hygiene duration.

  7. Hygiene Compliance Determination
  8. Finally, Sanibit analyzes each hygiene opportunity and associated hygiene action to determine whether or not your organization's hygiene compliance rules have been met.

Do More With Your Data

Turn Insights Into Action

Sanibit Web provides a deep look at compliance performance and trends by ICU, Role, Room, or Individual Provider. Beyond that, the Sanibit Enhanced Package provides access to advanced patient contact time, contact tracing, and infection risk analyses.

Hit Your Goals

The Sanibit App uses gamification principles to motivate healthcare providers with personal challenges and friendly competition.

See how you rank among your peers. Build up enough points to earn a reward. Beat your goal and you'll be greeted by a celebration!

How Does Sanibit Stack Up?

Sanibit is the only system that provides comprehensive hygiene monitoring, analysis and intervention while ensuring the best experience for users and administrators.

FeatureSanibitCompetitor BCompetitor CCompetitor DCompetitor ECompetitor FCompetitor GCompetitor H
Hand Hygiene Opportunity and ComplianceBased on WHO 5 moments
Detect compliance for each opportunity
Detect hand rubbing duration
Detection Accuracy
PPE Monitoring
Individual Tracking
Feedback and InterventionReal-Time
User ExperienceUninterrupted Workflow
Configurable hand hygiene rulesConfigurable by Role
Configurable by Room
Support time-based hand hygiene rule
Easy System MaintenanceHand Sanitizer Usage Tracking
Remote Firmware Update
System Status Monitoring

Why It Matters

Infections affect millions.

  • Approximately 721,800 Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) occur in U.S. acute care hospitals.
  • About 1.6–3.8 million HAIs occur in long-term care facilities.
  • These HAIs result in more than 400,000 deaths, and $20 billion in annual healthcare costs.

Sanibit Can Help.

  • Hand hygiene is one of the most effective measures to reduce the incidence of health care-associated infections.
  • U.S. healthcare providers clean their hands for only 25% of the times they should.
  • Sanibit can encourage providers to do better. In a clinical setting, Sanibit more than tripled full hand hygiene compliance.

How Much Can Sanibit Save You?

Infections are expensive. In a mid-size hospital, hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) alone can account for over $2 million in direct, medical costs. Additionally, the federal government penalizes hospitals with a high number of HACs by cutting payments.

Search for your hospital below to see how much infections are costing you.

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